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Read&Write for Google Chrome™
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Read&Write for Google Chrome™
Read&Write for Google Chrome™
Read&Write for Google Chrome™
Read&Write for Google Chrome™

Unlocking Accessibility with Read&Write for Google Chrome

Are you looking for personalized support to enhance your digital reading and writing experience? Look no further than Read&Write for Google Chrome™. With a total rating of 3.49, this Chrome extension has proven to be a game-changer for users like me. In this article, I will share my own experience using Read&Write, based on user reviews, to give you an insight into its powerful features and accessibility benefits.

Enhancing Accessibility for Everyone

Read&Write for Google Chrome is a powerful tool that provides personalized support for documents, web pages, and common file types in Google Drive, including Google Docs, PDF, and ePub. Its main aim is to make digital content more accessible, regardless of individual abilities and learning styles.

Upon installation, Read&Write offers a range of intuitive and easy-to-use support tools. One of its key features is the text-to-speech functionality, which allows users to have words, passages, or entire documents read aloud. The dual-color highlighting makes it easy to follow along and enhances comprehension.

In addition to text-to-speech, Read&Write also offers text and picture dictionaries. This feature provides instant explanations and meanings for words, ensuring a seamless reading experience. Users can also take advantage of the speech-to-text functionality, which allows them to dictate words for writing, proofreading, and studying purposes.

Another impressive feature of Read&Write is its word prediction tool. As you type, it offers suggestions for the current or next word, making writing more efficient and accurate. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with spelling or typing speed.

Streamlining Research and Summarization

Read&Write goes beyond basic reading and writing support. It also offers features that aid in research and summarization. Users can collect highlights from text in documents or on the web, allowing them to easily compile summaries or gather information for further research.

Moreover, Read&Write allows users to create and listen to voice notes directly inside Google Docs, offering a convenient way to capture and review important ideas or thoughts while working on documents. This feature proves to be a valuable tool for brainstorming and organizing thoughts.

For web pages with distracting content, Read&Write provides a "simplify and summarize" feature. This tool removes ads and other distracting elements, allowing users to focus solely on the essential information. It streamlines the reading experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Try Read&Write for Free

If you're curious to experience the power of Read&Write for yourself, you can install the extension and enjoy all of its features for free for 30 days. It's the perfect opportunity to explore how Read&Write can improve your digital reading and writing experience.

For teachers, there's even more good news. You can get a free premium subscription to Read&Write for Google Chrome. To register and activate your subscription, visit texthelp.com/en-gb/products/read-write/free-for-teachers/ after installing the Read&Write for Google Chrome trial.


In conclusion, Read&Write for Google Chrome is a powerful and user-friendly extension that enhances accessibility and support for digital content. With features such as text-to-speech, dictionaries, word prediction, highlights, voice notes, and text simplification, Read&Write truly caters to the diverse needs of its users.

Based on a total rating of 3.49 and user reviews, Read&Write has proven to be a valuable tool for individuals seeking personalized support in their digital reading and writing journey. Experience the power of Read&Write for yourself and unlock a world of accessibility and convenience.

For more information on Read&Write for Google Chrome™ features, licensing, and pricing, visit texthelp.com/en-gb/products/read-write/premium-features/.

Wonderfully intuitive and easy-to-use

Provides personalized support to make documents more accessible

Offers a range of powerful support tools for reading, writing, studying and research

Requires installation of the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension

Free trial is only available for 30 days

1792 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension
Eden Lafrance

This works very well for me and my family and my mom is a teacher I think that this app is very helpful for kids and very useful 10/10 would recommend.

Keli Walker

What do you guys mean the ones who did not give a high rating the app does not suck it is EXCELLENT This helped me with my grammar I advise you to download this app exquisite extension Using this to voice to text write essays for school + read lengthy pdfs etc. I'm at the university level and this has been helpful GUYS YOU CAN USE THIS TO BYPASS SECURLY!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUU I don't know what the extension is meant to do, nothing seems to happen when I try open it. But I have the desktop app, and encountered a screen masking issue. Mike from their support team was absolutely incredible, efficient, kind, and immediately helped me fix it. Fantastic support team! This is the only Text to speech app that I could get to work and it works beautifully. There was a brief hiccup where it stopped working, so I reached out to their tech support. Not only did they respond, they followed up when a patch was released to let me know that the issue has been addressed and fixed, I'm so grateful for this extension. I seriously wouldn't be able to write my Dungeons and Dragons campaign without having my material read back to me. This is the only text to speech extension I've found that works properly for Google docs. Recently, with a Chrome update, the extension broke so I messaged tech support about it. They answered quickly, promising to let me know when the issue was fixed. Lo and behold, a few weeks later they messaged to tell me it was fixed and it works great again. Highly recommend this extension. The best!!!!!!!!!

Bella Andsister

i added it and it did not work

allison walker

I just got Read&Write and it will not let me open it to sign in this app sucks

Samuel Ort

They made this paid and that ruined the entire thing. It was very good but since they added a paywall, it is no longer helpful since 99% of all the features are locked.




This helped me with my grammar! I advise you to download this app!

Andrew L

has anyone been able to make it read a PDF?

Ahmed Mostafa

exquisite extension


This has immense promise, however I am consistently having issues making the read aloud function work on PDF's. This is extremely frustrating, considering that the Read&Write software was provided to assist me at University, and I have to read a significant number of research papers and journals in PDF format.

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